Sarah Wassermann


Here is a list of a selection of projects I have worked on so far (source code upon request!)

Project done during my internship @ LIP6

I developed a generic ping tool based on libparistraceroute which can handle IPv4, IPv6 and TCP, UDP, ICMP probes under the supervision of Prof. Timur Friedman, Dr. Marc-Olivier-Buob and Dr. Jordan Augé.
I also extended the libparistraceroute library.

Project done during my internship @ FTW

Research internship in the context of the FP7 ICT European Research Project mPlane under the supervision of Dr. Pedro Casas.
Subject: Towards DisNETPerf: a Distributed Internet Paths Performance Analyzer.
Geo and topology-based location of probes at the Internet scale, relying on the well-known RIPE Atlas distributed active measurements platform. Conception and development of DisNETPerf, an Internet-scale measurement framework to track the performance of Internet paths, relying on distributed probes' location and active measurements.

Project done during my stay @ NU

Subject: Anycast-based Content Distribution in Cellular Networks.
Measured the performance of anycast routing for cellular clients. Conducted and analyzed the measurements from distributed mobile vantage points to a live anycast CDN, measuring the latencies and routes to server deployments, and investigated the causes of poor performance for cellular clients.
This work has been supervised by Prof. Fabian E. Bustamante and John P. Rula.

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